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Analysis general note 3

Posted on 04/08/2018, in Mathematics.

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3 types of PDE

Tại sao lại phân loại, phân loại làm sao?

The discriminant

at that point. At $(x_0,y_0)$ the equation is said to be

  • Elliptic if $d<0$
  • Parabolic if $d=0$
  • Hyperbolic if $d>0$

If this is true at all points in a domain $\Omega$, then the equation is said to be elliptic, parabolic, or hyperbolic in that domain.

Distribution sens

[Distribution spaces.pdf] Locally integrable on I $\Leftrightarrow \int_I v\, dx$.

$v=u’$ in the weak sense if

here $C_0^{\infty}(\Omega)$ denotes the space of $C^{\infty}$ functions on $\Omega$ with compact support in $\Omega$.


then $u’=T$ in distribution sense.

The support of $f$ is the complement of the largest open set where the function is zero.

Ví dụ kinh điển cho thấy sức mạnh của distribution chính là hàm Heaviside function

Không tồn tại $v$ để

Tuy nhiên tồn tại $T_{\varphi}=\varphi(0):=\delta_0$ (theo nghĩa distribution sens)

$L^p$ and bounded

Câu trả lời này rất hay. Nằm trong không gian $L^p$ chưa chắc là bounded. Ở đây cũng nói về essential bounded luôn.

Lipschitz domain

Xem định nghĩa toán học dài ngoằn của Ronald W. Hoppe ở đây (Definition 2.1).

[wiki] Many of the Sobolev embedding theorems require that the domain of study be a Lipschitz domain. Consequently, many partial differential equations and variational problems are defined on Lipschitz domains.

[s] Lipschitz condition, function: Let $\varphi: R^{n-1} \to R$ be a function which satisfies the lipschitz condition

Dual space

Why we need dual space?

Có thể đọc câu trả lời này.

[s] The dual space is always complete (regardless of whether X is complete or not)

The dual space of $H^1_0(\Omega)$, denoted $H^{-1}(\Omega):=H^1_0(\Omega)’$ with norm

Trong note của Pascal Frey,

We have the following inclusion rule $H^1_0(\Omega)\subset L^2(\Omega)\subset H^{-1}(\Omega)$. $\Leftarrow$ Cái này là Triple Gelfand.

Gelfand triple

[s] Loosely speaking, a rigged Hilbert space (or Gelfand triplel) is a triple $(\Phi, H, \Phi^{\ast})$ where $\Phi$ is a dense subspace of $H$ and $\Phi^{\ast}$ its continuous dual space.

I am trying to understand the Hilbert triple $V \subset H \subset V^*$, where $V$ and $H$ are Hilbert spaces and the star denotes the dual space. Eg: $H^1 \subset L^2 \subset H^{-1}.$


ess sup (essential supremum)

ess inf (essential infimum)

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