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Python 2 : Tricks

Posted on 18/09/2018, in Infomation Technology, Python.

I use this note for only tricks in Python (quick exercises solution also).

Check string

  • Check ASCII

      is_ascii = lambda s: len(s) == len(s.encode())
  • Check there is any digit numbers?

      has_digit = lambda s: any(char.isdigit() for char in s)
  • s.isupper(), s.islower()


  • Delete all same element ‘a’ from list

    arr = [x for x in arr if x != 'a']

    Note that, if we only want to delete 1 element a, use arr.remove('a')

  • Remove duplicates and only keep 1 of them: change to set: b = set(a) where a is a list